Green Remediation implementation strategy and process to clean up Air, Soil, and Water

WE are The Pollution solution

The Pollution Solution specializes in techniques and services for naturally inspired and cost effective green remediation of toxins and contaminants from Air, Soil, and Water.

We are The Pollution Solution

The Goal of the Pollution Solution is to turn toxins and contaminants into cash to offset the cost of remediation of cleanup projects.

This is accomplished in various ways thru Phytoremediation, Phytoextraction, Phytomining, Bioremediation, and Bioenergy.

The Pollution Solution Team:

Promotes responsible and much needed skills, education, job training and employment. The solutions, techniques, and guidance provided to Government, Industry, and Private Stakeholders: turnkey green cleanup solutions that involve: supplies, equipment, labor, and planning services that address: Hazmat locations including Superfund Sites.

Its not Rocket Science- Its Phyto Science